Our Company is a Swiss Start Up based in Lausanne.

 Our Founders are Swiss Engineers and long / frequent flights users.

 Our Partners are Swiss orthopaedic Doctors, Sleep Scientists and professional Product Designers.

Our history


We first had this idea because our Founders were often travelling all around the world. Each on their side, they had the same feeling about resting in an aircraft : it is impossible to sleep, and when you try it, your feel so ridiculous with your head broken down against the window or in the middle of the lane, mouth open and slobbering on your newspaper...


They each thought about a solution, which came many years later, when they finally met on another project. The long lasting traveller  businesswoman crossed her idea about rest and privacy in a public area with the technical creative skills of 2 engineers. One of them had just exited from a success story with a quick inflatable safety airbag against avalanche, and the other one was already working on complex mechanical systems.


The contact Network of the Founders allowed the little team to gather some more brains and resources until the first prototype of Cowzi was born !

What we do


This first proto was at the beginning a kind of big marshmallow in which we all fell asleep as soon as we slipped inside! It's the origin of the name of our Concept.


Cowzi is a mashup of the adjective cozy meaning comfort, warmth and relaxation.

The word cow is a wink to a typical Swiss symbol, the legendary Swiss Cow.


The last step was of course to add all the Hi-Tech Innovations that our R&D staff made to the first cowzi prototype, until having the current model full with innovative features that make our product the best compact, light and mobile solution to sleep in a sitting position ever!


Severine Meier


  • Experience : 15 y. head of product / head of retail, own company founder
  • In Cowzi : GM, Procurement
  • Strength : Network, Product
  • Background : University Degree


Tania Lourenco


  • Experience : 9 y. sales
  • In Cowzi : Sales
  • Strength : Network, charisma
  • Background : Sales exp., diet


Georges Petitpierre

Engineer, Founder

  • Experience : 23 y. complex mech. projects
  • In Cowzi : R & D,  Sales, Logistic
  • Strength : Product dvlpt
  • Background : Mech. Swiss Engineer


Grégoire Thévoz

Consulting, Project Manager

  • Experience : Project leading, own company founder
  • In Cowzi : Legal, Marketing
  • Strength : Commercial regulations
  • Background : Swiss Lawyer