All you always wanted to know about your Cowzi !

Cowzi user guide (French)
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Can I take my Cowzi through the security check ?

 Yes, your Cowzi doesn't contain any metal or sharp parts and won't alert the security check.

Is the cowzi well accepted in the cabin by the flight companies and flight attendants ?

Our cowzi is designed to be inflated and deflated and stored in seconds to avoid any inconvenience with regards to other passengers. In our opinion, the use of Cowzi will increase the number of satisfied and relaxed passengers which is one of the flight attendants' first focus.

Can I use my Cowzi if the front seat is in the inclined position ?

Yes, the Cowzi is designed to be used comfortably with the front seat is in any position.

What happens if the passenger in front of me is moving his seat in the inclined or straight position while I am sleeping using my Cowzi ?

Your cowzi will automatically adapt its angle to follow the front seat's angle.

You may wake up as the angle of your cowzi will change. For having taken the plane in economy coach hundred times, we have observed that once a passenger has adopted a seat incline, it is rare that he make a change, except if requested by Flight attendant for safety reason or to enjoy a meal, which you probably don't want to miss.

How can I find the best position with my Cowzi , is there any advice you can give me ?

You should try to adjust the height of your Cowzi in order to balance the pressure on your front and your chin equitably. Try to add or reduce the pressure of both pillows. By inflating the arm pillow only at 3/4 of the volume for example, you can reduce the height of your arm position and increase the incline position of your upper body slightly towards the front seat.

Is there any other device that I may need to enhance my comfort while using a Cowzi ?

Comfort is appreciated differently by everyone. We noticed that inserting the courtesy pillow under your thighs or between the seat and the lower part of your back will help you to find a good relaxing position on the Cowzi . The temperature is sometime cool overnight, so be sure not to wake up because you are feeling cold. Eye masks or ear pads may also be used.

Can I use my Cowzi if the plane is getting through turbulences ?

Normally yes, unless directed otherwise by the flight attendant for safety reasons.

Can I use Headphones ?

Yes, you can use headphones of any size while enjoying your Cowzi . Furthermore, the face cocoon is designed to darken your rest zone and give you privacy. You can also wear a sleeping mask. And by laying your smartphone or you tablet on the arms pillow, you can watch videos or play games while resting !

Is my Cowzi washable ?

Yes, the detachable face cover can be put in the wash machine at low temperature using a gentle program. The two pillows can be washed with warm water using a soft rag.

Can my Cowzi be repaired ?

Unfortunately, not. The material used is a first quality flocked PVC who should give you under normal use, plenty of resting hours.