Important information about foreign shipping

Pour les livraisons à l'étranger, des frais de douane, des taxes de toutes sortes peuvent être demandées, qui n'apparaissent pas dans le prix total.

In case of foreign deliveries, custom or other taxes / fees can be claimed. They are not included in our displayed prices.

Shipping available for the following countries:

  • Switzerland

Payment methods

  • PayPal (including credit card, debit card, and bank transfer)
    By choosing this payment method you will be automatically directed to PayPal's site in the next step. When you've entered your information there, you'll be brought back to this store to complete your order.
  • Invoice
    You will receive a bill within the next 2 working days. The bill must be paid before we can proceed with the delivery process.
  • Payment in Advance
    The amount must be credited on our account before we can proceed with the delivery process.
  • Local Pickup
    By coming directly to our office in Vevey (Switzerland), you can pay and carry your Cowzi without paying the delivery fees, You will need to schedule an appointment by email before.