Resting !


Bored to experience long distance flights in economy class and

feeling like it will never end?


Tired of trying to find a sitting position which does not hurt your neck

and twist your back?


Angry against your last purchase of neck pillow which doesn't make

you feel any better?


Do you think you deserve comfort and relaxing time during night flights?

Sleep or even rest during long distance travel is impossible - especially in economy class - due to the fact that there is no device able to hold your head and your body in a healthy - or even comfortable - posture that allows you to rest without muscle pain.



We have created Innovation in a segment where other firms never think it could be a Hi-Tech challenge !


We have created an innovative and healthy product, with the advice of a Swiss Sleep Clinic and Orthopaedic medical staff.


We have created a modern, fashion and good looking product, when all the current competitive devices seem to have been thought to be as ridiculous as possible.



And, of course, we have created a useful, compact, light and very mobile product, when our competitor's gear is larger.


Our device is sold with a removable and washable hygienic collar for the face (additional collars can be bought), and is stored in a small and practical trendy bag where you can easily store your cellphone, travel documents as well as earphones for example.

The "3 points supports"


Look a the picture on the left : by allowing the user to lean against the device on 3 points, each part will support much less weight. The user can breathe and rest easily, without pain as the whole upper body parts can be relaxed.


The device can also be used to sleep while sitting in the train or in the bus for example.


The design is based on the principle of a massage table. The 3 points supports allow:

  • your arms
  • your upper body & chest
  • and your head to be supported

Additionally, the pillow has a special shape that creates an angle between the head and the torso, which helps to breathe easily and decreases the tendency to snore. This angle gives to your back and your neck a natural position which avoids pain when relaxing on the device.


The quickly removable face cover can be washed by hand or in washing machine.

For your whole family or your friends, you can also order more of these covers, which will be proposed in different fancy colors. Just pull it out and replace it with your mate's one in a second !



Your Cowzi is a fair trade product.


Once inflated, the torso pillow can be moved along the plate support and adjusted at the desired height to guarantee the best comfort for your chin and forehead.


By playing with the inflating pressure, you can also obtain a firmer support for your head, or in the opposite a softer contact around your face.

While most inflatable devices are painful to inflate, our device has a 2-stage valve system:

  • the first stage allows an effortless inflating process with its efficient antireturn valve: 3 or 4 blows are enough to inflate each pillow
  • the second stage frees the air canal, so your device can be easily and quickly deflated to be perfectly stored with minimal volume in its bag.


The front pocket is generally difficult to reach in airplanes, so we created a pocket that is both accessible and practical to store your loose items such as glasses, passports, cell phones...

The upper part can also be used as support for a tablet or a smartphone to watch videos, check email etc... through the face hole while resting.


Because of Innovation.


In allowing you to simply dive into it's attractive softness, while it's technical modules* will place naturally your body and your head in a healthy posture, survey your sleep cycles, help you fall asleep with peaceful music and a luminotherapy session, having always an eye on the time to awake you at the right moment to avoid the jet lag, while silently charging your smartphone...


Just relax. Your Sleeping Coach is in charge.


* Modules are optional and will proposed at a later stage